A Blind Chinese Climber has Climbed Mount Everest.

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Kathmandu / Beijing: Blind Zhang Hong from China has become the world’s first blind climber to climb Mount Everest.


Thousands of climbers flock to Nepal every year to climb the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest.


The climbers include Zhang Hong, a blind Chinese man who did not let his disability get in the way and did what not everyone can do.


Blindness did not deter Zhang, and the 46-year-old Chinese man climbed the world’s highest peak to become the world’s first blind climber.


“It doesn’t matter if you have a disability or if you have lost your sight or if you don’t have legs. If you have strong nerves, it doesn’t matter,

” said the blind climber. They can do things that other people can’t.

“I was very scared because I couldn’t see where I was walking and I couldn’t keep my balance, so I kept falling,”

said the Chinese citizen.


“When I reached the top, the wind was very dangerous, as if someone was screaming,

” he told foreign media.


After climbing the peak, I was not as happy as other climbers and told my guide that I wanted to go down quickly because I knew that reaching the top was only half the battle.

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