Actress Mahesh Hayat Wants to Enter Politics.

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Lahore: Mahesh Hayat, a well-known actress and a recipient of Imtiaz Medal, says that she wants to enter politics.


In an interview on private TV, he also shared his private life and future intentions.


“People criticize us on social media for small things, which hurts us too. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean we have a heart of stone or we don’t feel anything,”

She said.


He said that before signing any film, I read the script and review my role in the film. My first priority is a good role. I also consult the director for improvement.


In response to a question, Mahesh Hayat said that a film based on the life of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed is being worked on. I will definitely work in it. At first I was not so interested in politics but I used to watch current affairs with interest.


“Now that this government has come, I intend to step into the political arena. Those who can represent this country or become ambassadors must enter politics,”

She said.


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