Actress Meera’s Social Media Accounts were Hacked.

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Lahore: Social media accounts of Pakistan’s famous film star Meera have been hacked.


According to the details, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of film star Meera were hacked. Film star Meera applied to the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Wing.


She has applied to the FIA ​​cyber wing in the name of Artza Rabab alias Meera.


In the petition, actress Meera has accused the former manager that she does not have control over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and is not communicating with thousands of her followers and admirers. Legal action should be taken against them immediately.


The FIA ​​Cyber ​​Wing launched an inquiry at the request of film star Meera. The FIA ​​also sought evidence from film star Meera.


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