Actress Veena Malik suffers from corona and quarantines herself at home.

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LAHORE: Leading actress Veena Malik has also contracted the global epidemic Corona virus.

On social networking site Instagram, actress and TV host Veena Malik informed her fans about the global epidemic and said that she had quarantined herself at home as per the instructions of doctors.

The actress wrote in her Instagram post about quarantine that small things matter, who knew how much I would miss going to coffee or grocery.

Veena Malik added that in our highly dynamic world, some things and moments like hanging out with friends, spending time with family, going to restaurants, chatting with friends and family are not considered important.

“As the corona virus separated us from the world, these little things became more important than ever,”

Veena Malik said.

It may be recalled that recently actress and host Veena Malik has appealed for prayers from the fans when she is unwell.

Veena Malik reported her illness on social media accounts and shared two photos in which she can be seen in the hospital and a blood sample is being taken for her test.

Veena Malik also wrote a translation of a Qur’anic verse in her post, “And when I am sick, Allah heals me.”

Remember that Veena Malik acted from 2002 to 2014 and now she is stepping into the world of acting through the web series of UrduFlex after a long period of 7 years.


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