Aima Baig: My new song will be a tribute to the culture of Balochistan.

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Famous Pakistani singer Aima Baig has said that

“Her new song will be a tribute to the culture of Balochistan”.

Singer Aima Baig’s next song is titled “Wish Mile” and she will be accompanied by famous singer Sahir Ali Baga.

In her Instagram post, Aima Baig wrote that “her next song is for the culture of Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan.”

It will be a tribute. She said that she wanted to make a song about the sweet language and beautiful traditions of Balochistan and through this song the culture of a great province will be celebrated.” The singer wrote that “I have always loved my country.

I have been a supporter of culture whether it is Punjabi or Saraiki and it is our duty to promote the culture of the forgotten regions”.

Sahil Ali Baga and Aima Baig have released the latest poster and teaser of their song and it has a glimpse of Balochi culture.


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