Ali Fazal’s participation in the international premiere of the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Fast 10’

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Rome: Indian actor Ali Fazal has not only made his mark in Bollywood with his lively acting, but he is also making his mark in Hollywood.

Yesterday, the actor attended the international premiere of the Hollywood blockbuster action series ‘Fast Ten’ which was held in Rome, Italy.

Ali Fazal can be seen interacting with Hollywood actor Vin Diesel in the video after the Indian actor made his Hollywood debut with ‘Fast and Furious Seven’.

Apart from ‘Fast and Furious’, the Indian actor has also performed in Hollywood’s ‘Victoria and Abdul’ and ‘Death on the Nile’.

Ali Fazal will currently go to America for the promotional campaign of his new international film ‘Kandahar’, in which actor Jared Butler has worked with him, while his new film ‘Metro in Dino’ is coming in Bollywood.


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