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Alice Sophia Eve, born on February 6, 1982, is a versatile British actress with a captivating career spanning television, film, and theater. As the daughter of esteemed actors Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan, she inherited a love for the arts that would shape her journey in the world of entertainment. In this article, we delve into Alice Eve Net Worth, her biography, family, films, career, and famous nominations.

Quick Facts about Alice Eve Biography

Full NameAlice Sophia Eve
Date of BirthFebruary 6, 1982
BirthplaceLondon, England
ParentsTrevor Eve (Father), Sharon Maughan (Mother)
SiblingsTwo younger brothers
EducationBedales School, More House School, Westminster School, St Catherine’s College (Oxford)
DebutStage Beauty (Film, 2004)
Notable RolesShe’s Out of My League, Star Trek Into Darkness, Entourage, Iron Fist
Theatre RecognitionNominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Theatregoers’ Choice Awards for Rock ‘n’ Roll
Marriage & DivorceMarried Alex Cowper-Smith in 2014, divorced in 2017
Eye ConditionHeterochromia (left eye blue, right eye green)
CitizenshipBecame a naturalized American citizen on November 16, 2017
Net Worth$7 million
Notable AchievementsA versatile career in film, TV, and theater; Significant roles in various genres; Active in the entertainment industry since 2004

Early Life and Academic Pursuits:

Alice Sophia Eve was born on February 6, 1982, in London, to a family with deep roots in the entertainment world. Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan, her parents, are both famous actresses. Alice grew up with two younger brothers, Jack and George, and has English, Irish, and Welsh ancestors.

Alice began her schooling at Bedales School in Hampshire and later transferred to More House School in Knightsbridge. She demonstrated early academic excellence while completing her A-levels at Westminster School in London. During her gap year, Alice immersed herself in the world of acting, attending classes at the prestigious Beverly Hills Playhouse.


Her interest in education, however, did not fade. She continued her education at Oxford’s St Catherine’s College, where she immersed herself in the world of English literature. Alice didn’t simply study at Oxford; she was also involved in the bustling theatre scene. She polished her acting skills by participating in student productions of classics such as “The Importance of Being Earnest,” “Animal Crackers,” and “Scenes from an Execution.”

Notably, one of her theatre creations, ‘Animal Crackers,’ played at the famed Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Alice’s early exposure to the performing arts paved the way for her future success in film and theatre. Her dedication to the trade was palpable, and her enthusiasm for acting grew throughout her academic years.

The Ascent in Film and Television:

Alice’s filmography demonstrates her flexibility. She exhibited a versatility that set her apart, from her early performances in The Rotters’ Club and Agatha Christie’s Poirot to the comic Starter for 10 and the spooky Big Nothing. During her transfer to Hollywood, she appeared in important films such as Men in Black 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Before We Go.

Alice is also well-known among theatergoers for her work on stage, most notably in Tom Stoppard’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, for which she received a nomination for the annual Theatregoers’ Choice Awards.

Alice Eve Films

2004Stage BeautyMrs. Margaret Hughes
2006Starter for 10Alice Harbinson
2006Big NothingJosie McBroom
2009Crossing OverClaire Sheperd
2010She’s Out of My LeagueMolly McCleish
2010Sex and the City 2Erin
2011The Decoy BrideLara Tyler
2012Men in Black 3Young Agent O
2013Star Trek Into DarknessDr. Carol Marcus
2013Before We GoBrooke
2014Night at the Museum: Secret of the TombHerself
2016CriminalMarta Lynch
2017The Con Is OnJackie
2018Bees Make HoneyVicki Monroe
2019Belgravia (TV Series)Susan Trenchard
2020BombshellAinsley Earhardt (uncredited)
2020Iron Fist (TV Series)Mary Walker
2021All Roads Lead to PearlaPearla

Exploring the Depths of Personal Life:

Aside from the spotlight, Alice’s personal life adds another dimension to her story. Her engagement to businessman Alex Cowper-Smith, whom she met at Westminster School, and subsequent marriage in 2014 were key turning points in her life. However, the complications of life led to their divorce in 2017.

Alice’s relationships, particularly a long-term partnership with poet Adam O’Riordan, highlight the complexities of her journey. Her condition of heterochromia, in which her eyes have distinct colors, gives a unique dimension to her engaging persona.

Navigating the Peaks and Valleys:

Alice’s career trajectory hasn’t been without challenges. From the highs of acclaimed roles to the lows of undergoing an extreme diet for a character, her commitment to her craft shines through. Her appearance in Black Mirror’s “Nosedive” and joining Netflix’s Iron Fist demonstrate a willingness to embrace diverse roles.

Bridging Continents:

Alice, who resides in both London and Los Angeles, took a significant step in 2017 by becoming a naturalized American citizen. This move symbolizes her connection to the entertainment industry’s global hub and her commitment to personal growth.

Looking Forward:

As Alice continues to evolve as an actress and person, her journey remains an unfolding narrative. With upcoming projects like Fair and Balanced, where she portrays ‘Fox News’ personality Ainsley Earhardt, she is poised to add more chapters to her already illustrious career.

AwardCategoryProjectYear Theatregoers’ Choice AwardsBest Supporting ActressRock ‘n’ Roll2007
Nominated for the award

Alice Eve Net Worth

Alice Eve, a successful British actress, has a net worth of $7 million. Her fortune is the result of a varied and successful career in cinema, television, and theatre. From blockbuster films like Star Trek Into Darkness to her parts in TV shows like Entourage and Iron Fist, Alice has not only made a huge impact on the entertainment business but has also amassed a sizable financial fortune. Her net worth is a testament to her versatility and enduring presence in the world of entertainment, in addition to her acting endeavors.

When calculating Alice Eve’s net worth, it is critical to account for the several projects she has worked on. From blockbuster films like Star Trek Into Darkness to her roles in television shows like Entourage and Iron Fist, each endeavor has contributed to her financial success.

Furthermore, Alice’s venture into theatre, with significant performances in plays such as Rock ‘n’ Roll, adds to her professional portfolio. Theatre, while typically less financially rewarding than major Hollywood endeavors, demonstrates her dedication to the art form.


Alice Eve’s journey from the Oxford stages to the renowned Hollywood sets is a monument to her ability, perseverance, and resilience. Her story continues to inspire as she navigates the complexity of both her personal and professional lives. Whether on the big screen or the stage, Alice Eve is a compelling presence who has left an everlasting impression on the world of entertainment.

FAQs about Alice Eve Net Worth

What is Alice Eve’s background and family heritage?

People often search for details about Alice Eve’s family, including information about her parents, siblings, and her diverse English, Irish, and Welsh ancestry.

What is Alice Eve Net Worth?

Alice Eve, the accomplished British actress, boasts a net worth of $7 million.

Where did Alice Eve go to school and study acting?

Queries about Alice Eve’s educational journey are common, focusing on the schools she attended, her A-levels at Westminster School, and her experiences at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

What are some notable roles in Alice Eve’s early career?

Many users are curious about Alice Eve’s early acting endeavors, such as her roles in TV dramas like ‘The Rotters Club’ and ‘Agatha Christie’s Poirot,’ as well as her stage performances.

Tell me about Alice Eve’s personal life, relationships, and marriages.

There’s often interest in the personal aspects of Alice Eve’s life, including details about her relationships, marriages, and any notable romantic involvements.

What are some of Alice Eve’s most famous movies and TV roles?

Users frequently search for information on Alice Eve’s notable projects, including blockbuster films like ‘Star Trek Into Darkness,’ ‘Men in Black 3,’ and her TV roles in series like ‘Entourage’ and ‘Iron Fist.’


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