Boxing Match Ended inconclusively, Floyd Mayweather could not Beat Rival Logan Paul.

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MIAMI: Boxing in the United States ended in a draw, with unbeaten Floyd Mayweather undefeated young rival Logan Paul.


Eight rounds of eight were completed. Fans continued to enjoy the thrilling fight. In the end, the well-known fighter admitted that he was not a 21-year-old man who would knock out a competitor.


It is believed that the fans had been watching the competition for a long time but due to the global epidemic Corona, it was postponed for about four months.


Eventually the ring was set at Hard Rock Stadium in Florida, USA, where Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul met.


After being weighed, the showtime event center was in the spotlight. Both fighters enthusiastically claimed victory.


According to boxing statistics, Floyd Mayweather has extensive experience.


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