Bridal Fashion Week, Alize Shah fell on the ramp.

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LAHORE: A video of Pakistan’s leading actress Aliza Shah falling on the ramp during a walk at Bridal Fashion Week has gone viral on social media.

Bridal Fish Week came to an end in Lahore yesterday in which various models and actresses shined. On this occasion, actress Aliza Shah donned her wedding dress and entered the ramp as a show stopper.

Accompanied by the actress, singer Shazia Manzoor was also present on the ramp who was singing her hometown Afaq Geet Chan Mere Makhna.

Alizee also danced to Shazia Manzoor’s song but on her way back from the ramp Alizee couldn’t keep her balance and slipped and fell.

It can be seen in the video that singer Shazia Manzoor immediately supported Aliza and lifted her courage.

At one point in Fashion Week, actress Ashna Shah also lost her balance and kept falling, the video of which is also going viral on social media.


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