Fahad Mustafa showed the other side of the picture to the Indian journalist.

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KARACHI: Actor Fahad Mustafa showed an Indian journalist the other side of the picture, drawing attention to the mistreatment of Muslims. He said,

“Please stop hypocrisy.”

According to media reports, the Indian journalist had apologized to Waqar Younis for his remarks on Muhammad Rizwan’s prayers during the Pak-India clash in the World Cup. Waqar Younis had apologized for his unintentional remarks but Fahad Mustafa also drew attention to the treatment of Muslims in India.

Reacting to the Indian journalist’s social media remarks, actor Fahad Mustafa said that

It is very difficult to see Muslims portrayed as terrorists for a long time in almost every Bollywood film. “I can’t imagine how difficult and embarrassing it would be for Muslims in India to see themselves being ridiculed in this way,” he said.

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