French Open: Former World #1 Serena Williams makes her First Successful Entry.

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PARIS: Former world number one Serena Williams made her first successful entry in a floodlight match at the French Open, defeating Romania’s Camilia Beyogo in straight sets.


According to the details, the second grand slam of the tennis season is underway in Paris in the threat of epidemic virus. For the first time, a floodlight session was held at the French Open.


Former world number one Serena Williams made a successful entry, beating Romanian rival Camilia Beyogo 7-6, 6-2.


On the other hand, the media boycott controversy has intensified in the “French Open”. World No. 2 Naomi Osaka has withdrawn from the event.


After the first victory on Sunday, the Japanese player boycotted the media, calling the post-match press conference stressful.


He was fined $ 10,500 and threatened with expulsion for further violations.


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