Gauhar Mumtaz: “Khaani Suno” is the most popular song in the last 20 years after “Aadat”

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Famous Pakistani singer and actor Gauhar Mumtaz says that “Kahani Suno” has become the most popular song after 20 years after the popular song “Aadat” of his band “The Jal”.

According to the details, the famous singer Kefi Khalil who gained fame from the song “Kana Yaari” of Coke Studio, the song “Khaani Suno” has become a top trend and is getting good response and now the famous Pakistani composer and singer Gohar Mumtaz has also sung this song.

Gohar Mumtaz praised Kafi Khalil’s song, admitting that “If any song has become hugely popular after ‘Aadat’ in the last 20 years, it is ‘Kahaani Suno'”. Gohar Mumtaz said,

“I myself love this song by Keefi. He has chosen the best rhymes and tunes for this song.”

Remember that the Jal band’s famous song “Aadat” was composed by singer Gauhar Mumtaz while Atif Aslam sang this song.

And “Kahani Suno” was written and sung by Kafi Khalil himself, and he released this song only 8 months ago on his YouTube channel, which has received more than 80 million views so far.


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