Gold medalist Olympian Arshad Nadeem’s successful surgery in Cambridge.

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Lahore: Gold medalist Olympian javelin Tharoor Arshad Nadeem underwent successful surgery in Cambridge.

Elbow surgery of star athlete Arshad Nadeem was done by Dr. Ali Sher Bajwa, he said that

Arshad Nadeem had serious injuries, he had to undergo surgery in two places but I am completely satisfied, Arshad is a warrior athlete, he will recover soon. Will fit.

However, after the surgery, Arshad Nadeem’s rehab program has started. Arshad Nadeem will undergo rehab for a week under the supervision of Dr. Ali Sher Bajwa.

On his return from England, Arshad Nadeem will complete a rehabilitation program under the supervision of his coach Salman Butt in Lahore.

It should be noted that Arshad Nadeem participated in the Commonwealth Games despite an elbow injury and won a gold medal for Pakistan. He suffered an elbow injury in the Olympics last year. Will participate in 2023.


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