Guests attending Katrina’s wedding will be monitored by a security team.

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MUMBAI: Where Barbie doll Katrina Kaif’s wedding will bring joy, guests will have to adhere strictly to certain rules as the security team will always be at the head of the guests for implementation.

According to reports, Katrina Kaif will tie the knot with Vicky Koshal next month for which preparations are underway from Zoroastrianism. Like a security agency meeting.

While Katrina and Koshal did not let the media know about their wedding details, they also laid down some special rules for the guests, the top of which is that the

  • Guests cannot make any kind of video or photo, otherwise they will be punished.
  • This is normal, but the seriousness of the issue for a married couple can be gauged by the fact that a regular security team has been hired to carry out special surveillance.
  • No one could make a video or photo of the couple or the occasion of the event, otherwise the guests may have to give and take.

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