Haniya Aamir becomes ‘Spider-Man’

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Haniya Aamir knows how to live life to the fullest, the actress is seen in the role of Spiderman in the latest video.

While the new movie of Spider-Man series ‘Spider-Man: Nine Way Home’ is setting new records at the box office, it has also caught the attention of the fans in Pakistan due to its charm.

The film, starring Tom Holland and Zinedine Zidane, has become the biggest cinema release ever since its debut on December 17, 2021, grossing over 600 600 million worldwide.

Apart from the general audience, other showbiz stars including Haniya Aamir and Kabra Khan are also heading to the cinemas to enjoy the new movie.

In a post quoting Instagram, Haniya shared a photo of herself wearing a Spider-Man mask, in which she has been giving the impression of climbing the wall, posing as a cinematic outdoor temple.

The actress said in the caption that she was very excited to see the film.

The veracity of Haniya’s statement can be gauged from a viral video of her waking up her inner Spider-Man.

The actress’s upcoming drama is ‘Sang Mah’ in which she is accompanied by Kabra Khan. Singer Atif Aslam will make his TV debut with this drama.

The Stone Month is a sequel to the 2016 Hum TV blockbuster drama series ‘Marble’.

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