Hara Mani Called Herself “Katrina Kaif’s Mother”.

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Actress Hira Mani has given a scathing reply to her follower who compared herself to Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif.


Fans who commented on Hira’s picture were surprised whether it was Hira Mani’s or the Indian actress’s.


The user, Malik Wasim, wrote with a surprised emoji, “Is this Hira Mani or Katrina?”


Obviously, the user’s purpose in such a comment was to get the attention of his favorite actress in which he was successful, but Hira’s response shows his self-confidence because she is a really talented actress.


Responding to the user, Hira wrote in her typical euphemistic style with emojis: “Who is Katrina Kaif, the mother of Brooktrina Kaif?” I am called Hira Mani.

By the way, an old post of Hira says that his favorite Indian actress is Kareena Kapoor.


The actress, who married Mani in 2008, has two children, Ibrahim and Muzammil. To Hira’s credit, I have You, Sun Yara, Ghalti, Kashf, Do Bol and other popular dramas.

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