Humayun Saeed: New Zealand’s decision is strange and disturbing.

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Lahore: Humayun Saeed has said that New Zealand has disappointed millions of cricket fans with its bizarre move. It is strange for New Zealand to cancel the tour a few minutes before the start of the match. And it’s a disturbing move.

According to media reports, Humayun Saeed said that

The whole world knows that Pakistan’s security and intelligence agencies are excellent in their work.

Singer and actor Farhan Saeed and actor Faisal Qureshi also expressed their grief over the decision of the New Zealand Board on social media.

Expressed anger. Farhan Saeed wrote that

Pakistan is a safe place for cricket, it is unfortunate to see the unilateral cancellation of the Pak-New Zealand series.

Actor Faisal Qureshi in his message on social media said that he was very disappointed to hear about the cancellation of the game by New Zealand a few moments before the start of the match.

The actor wrote that after all the preparations of the organizers and the players, this decision is sad and shocking. He said that this decision of the New Zealand Cricket Board is tantamount to breaking the hearts of millions of cricket fans.


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