Humayun Saeed’s Response to Marriage offer from India

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Famous star Humayun Saeed’s fans are not only in Pakistan but also across the border.

A recent example of this is the marriage offer received by an actor from India. A user on the social networking website Twitter shared a short message to Humayun Saeed and offered him marriage.

In a message shared on Twitter, the user wrote, “Dear Humayun Saeed, will you marry me?” I know you are married but what can I do with this heart?

The female user further wrote in her message that I am from India and I want you very much, I am 24 years younger than you but I want you very seriously.

The user further wrote that please tell me will you marry me in the next life? In this life it is impossible.

Humayun Saeed could not help but respond to the message while sharing the wedding message from the user, where interesting comments started from the social media users.

Humayun Saeed wrote in reply to the customer’s marriage offer that thanks to you for loving me, but for marriage, you will find better people than me.


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