Iranian President-elect Ibrahim Raeisi wants better Relations with Saudi Arabia.

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Tehran: Iran’s newly elected President Ibrahim Raeisi has set a new direction for Tehran’s foreign policy. In his first conversation with the media, Ibrahim Raeisi said that he wants better relations with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.


The foreign policy of the newly elected president of Iran will be different from the previous administration, Ibrahim Raisi clarified in his first conversation with the media that Iran will make new friends in the region, expressed his desire to improve relations with Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries. 


The newly elected Iranian president said that

The United States has failed to bring Iran under pressure, the United States has not complied with the previous agreement, there is no question of a new agreement.


Ibrahim Raisi added that US President Joe Biden, who has no plans to meet, would not allow Iran’s foreign policy to revolve around a nuclear deal and would not support unnecessary talks on the nuclear issue.


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