Indian man travels 100 km for about 30 rupees with his solar panel car.

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New Delhi: An Indian man astonished the globe by installing solar panels on his vehicle and traveling 100 kilometers for about 30 rupees.

An entrepreneur in India has accomplished the feat of converting a Tata company’s Nano car into a solar electric vehicle and traveling 100 kilometers for just 30 rupees.

According to India Times, this businessman named Manojit Mondal belongs to the city of Bankura in the state of West Bengal and he travels in his nano solar electric car in the city.

There is no engine in this car, so there is no question of using petrol in it. This car is capable of traveling 100 km for 30 to 35 rupees. The maximum speed of this car is 80 km per hour. Manojit says that he faced many difficulties in making this car.


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