Indians made a copy of Pakistani Drama Serial ‘Mery Paas Tum Ho’.

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Lahore: Pakistani songs used to be stolen by Indians but now dramas are also being copied.

Once again, the most popular Pakistani drama in India, “Mery Paas Tum Ho” has been copied and made into a drama called “Kamna”, which is a copy of “Mery Paas Tum Ho”.

Social media users are shocked to see the trailer of the play and are also criticizing the Indian playwright.

Looking at the trailer of “Kamana”, it is not difficult to guess that the story line, direction and even the character of the drama have been copied from the drama serial “Mere Paas Tum Ho”.

It should be noted that it is interesting to note that not only Pakistanis are accusing Pakistan of copying Pakistani dramas in India but also Indian fans themselves have started saying that the drama ‘Kamna’ is Pakistani drama ‘Mery Paas Tum Ho’. Is a copy of which they have already seen on YouTube.


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