Pakistan’s Irfan Mehsud Broke the World Record by doing 43 Push-Ups on one Foot.

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Pakistan’s Irfan Mehsud broke the world record by doing 43 push ups on one foot

PESHAWAR: Pakistan’s Irfan Mehsud broke France’s Eric Legion’s Guinness World Record, DI Khan’s young Irfan Mehsud broke the record with 43 push-ups per minute on one foot.

Pakistan’s Irfan Mehsud broke the Guinness World Record of France’s Eric Legion, France’s Eric Legion weighed in at 100 pounds per foot and did 31 push-ups in one minute. I broke the record by doing 43 push ups.


Irfan Mehsud has also become the only player in the world to set 24 world records in the push-ups category. He has so far set 13 Guinness World Records for India. Irfan Mehsud has set a total of 43 Guinness World Records.


Even before this, Irfan Mehsud has set many records of USA, UK, Iraq, Spain, Italy, Philippines, Egypt, India and France.


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