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Juliana Sophie Evans is a compelling figure in Malaysian entertainment, combining her talents as an actress, TV presenter, MC, and model. This vibrant individual of Malays, British, and American origin was born on July 5, 1989, in Shah Alam, Selangor. And has established an exceptional niche for herself in a variety of disciplines. In this article, we delve deep into Juliana Evans Biography, her Net Worth, Family, Movies, Career & Awards

Quick Facts about Juliana Evans Biography

Quick FactsInformation
Full Name:Che Puan Juliana Sophie binti Johari Evans
Birth Date:July 5, 1989
Birthplace:Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Ethnicity:Malays, British, and American descent
Siblings:Andrew Effendi Evans, Isabelle Evans, Jefri Peter Evans
Half-Brother:Al-Qaliff Mikaeel Madzlan
Early Life and EducationInformation
Television Debut:Hosted a program at the age of 12; later hosted “Remaja” on TV3
Education:Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication with Honours from Sunway University
Master’s Degree in Film, Video, and Media studies with Honours from Western Michigan University
Gymnastics:Represented Selangor in Artistic Gymnastics at the national level sports event at 15
Career and AchievementsInformation
Acting Training:Completed a 6-month acting course at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles
Ambassadorship:Appointed as Tourism Ambassador for the #PusingSelangorDulu Campaign (2020)
Royal Connection:Married His Highness Tengku Shariffuddin Shah bin Tengku Sulaiman Shah (April 30, 2017)
Granted the title of Che Puan; styled as Yang Berbahagia (The Felicitous)
Family LifeInformation
Marriage:His Highness Tengku Shariffuddin Shah bin Tengku Sulaiman Shah
Children:Her Highness Tengku Kamiliah Zanariah Ruby Ehsan Putri (Born July 13, 2019)
Her Highness Tengku Saidatul’Ihsan Zabedah Fauziah Putri (Born June 17, 2023)

Early Life and Education

Juliana, the youngest of three siblings, displayed a wide range of abilities from an early age. She made her television debut as a host at the age of 12, predicting a career that would span multiple platforms. Growing up in a culturally diverse environment, at the age of 15, she represented Selangor in Artistic Gymnastics, demonstrating not just her personality but also her athleticism.

Her educational path is as varied as her career. She earned her bachelor’s degree in mass communication with honors from Sunway University in Selangor. She pursued a Master’s Degree in Film, Video, and Media Studies at Western Michigan University, USA. Her academic prowess won her a spot on the Dean’s List, a monument to her dedication to scholastic success.

Post-graduation in 2014, Juliana embarked on a six-month acting course at the prestigious New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, adding another layer to her skill set.

Actress Juliana Evans
Photo: creator: AZLINA ABDULLAH

Marriage and Royal Connections

Juliana’s life changed on April 30, 2017, when she married His Highness Tengku Shariffuddin Shah bin Tengku Sulaiman Shah, a prominent member of the Selangor royal family. Her husband’s lineage connects her to significant royal figures spanning generations, as she is the 10th in line to the Selangor throne.

Juliana received the title of Che Puan, which is equivalent to the English “Lady,” as an honor for a consort who is not of royal blood. She accepted her role as Yang Berbahagia, which translates as “The Felicitous,” with grace and dignity.

Juliana has become closely associated with the Opu Daeng Celak Royal House. As a result of this union, forming familial ties with notable historical individuals such as Almarhum Sultan Ibrahim, Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Almarhum Sultan Hisamuddin Alam Shah, Sultan Ibrahim, Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah, Tengku Amir Shah, Tunku Ismail, and Tengku Hassanal Ibrahim Alam Shah.

Motherhood and Family Expansion

Juliana’s motherhood experience began on July 13, 2019, when her first daughter, Her Highness Tengku Kamiliah Zanariah Ruby Ehsan Putri, was born. Her Highness Tengku Saidatul’Ihsan Zabedah Fauziah Putri’s delight in parenthood grew on June 17, 2023, with the birth of her second daughter. This charming chapter provided familial warmth to Juliana’s story.

Career Highlights and Achievements

Beyond her royal affiliations, Juliana’s professional trajectory is equally illustrious. In 2020, she assumed the role of Tourism Ambassador for the #PusingSelangorDulu Campaign. A testament to her commitment to promoting Selangor’s cultural richness.

Juliana Evans Net Worth

Juliana Evans has made a name for herself in the entertainment business as an actress, TV personality, and model. Her success is judged not only by her multiple accomplishments but also by her financial situation. Juliana Evans, who has a claimed net worth of $5 million, exemplifies the rewards that come with hard work and versatility in the fast-paced world of media and entertainment. This large net worth attests to her successful career, strategic decisions, and the value she contributes to the many tasks she does, strengthening her position as an industry leader.

Juliana Evans: A Global Perspective

Juliana’s international perspective is reflected by her educational aspirations in the United States. Her Master of Arts in Film, Video, and Media Studies from Western Michigan University demonstrates not only her commitment to her craft but also her ambition to bring an international perspective to her work.

Juliana Evans Movies

YearTitleRoleNotesStreaming On
2008KAMI The MovieSofieDebut films 
2011Hantu BoncengMaya/Ayu  
2012Mael LambongMaria  
Adik Manja ReturnsSu  
2013KILGadis Bunuh Diri (The Girl Who Committed Suicide) Netflix
2016Aliff Dalam 7 DimensiAnna  
2017The Secret Life of PetsKatieMalay dub 
Mendidih BroSuraya  
2018PulangAlia Netflix
2019Bella & JamieJamie  
2021Sa Balik BajuMyra Netflix
2022Cikgu vs HantuCikgu Shima 

Juliana Evans TV Series

YearTitleRoleTV Network
2007KAMI – The SeriesSofie8TV
2008Kasut Tumit TinggiMaiAstro Prima
2009Ghost (Season 2)Lydia8TV
2010Sayang CendanaCendanaTV3
Cornetto Inikah Cinta?JulianaAstro Ria
2011NatrahNatrahAstro Citra
Waktu Rehat (Season 2)AzzaDisney Channel
2015Oh My English!: Class of 2015Taylor Marie SmithAstro TVIQ
2016Rumi & JawiEllyAstro Prima
Oh My English! After SchoolTaylor Marie SmithAstro TVIQ
2017Mata CintaMatahariAstro Gempak
2018Split TV SeriesMeenAstro Citra
2019Mimpi SabrinaSabrinaTV3
2020Degup CintaJasminAstro Ria
2021Dukun DivaChe Yah / Rubiah SamsudinAstro Citra
2022Epilog 3 NagaNatashaAwesome TV

Juliana Evans Awards and Nominations

2009Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2008Pengacara TV Wanita PopularNominated
2010FHM 100 Most Wanted Women In The World 2010Won

FAQs about Juliana Evans Biography

Q1: What is Juliana Evans known for?

A1: Juliana Evans is renowned as a Malaysian actress, TV personality, MC, and model. She made her debut on television at the age of 12 and later became a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Q2: How did Juliana Evans become connected to the Selangor royal family?

A2: Juliana married His Highness Tengku Shariffuddin Shah bin Tengku Sulaiman Shah in 2017, cementing her relationship with the Selangor royal family. She was given the title Che Puan, which denoted her function as a Prince’s consort who was not of royal ancestry.

Q3: What are Juliana Evans’ educational achievements?

A3: Juliana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication with Honours from Sunway University. And a Master’s Degree in Film, Video, and Media studies with Honours from Western Michigan University.

Q4: How many children does Juliana Evans have?

A4: Juliana has two daughters, Her Highness Tengku Kamiliah Zanariah Ruby Ehsan Putri, born in 2019, and Her Highness Tengku Saidatul’Ihsan Zabedah Fauziah Putri, born in 2023.


Juliana Evans’ biography tells the story of a gifted artist, devoted ambassador, and beloved member of the Selangor royal family. Juliana’s trajectory represents a balanced blend of talent, education, and royalties, from her early days in the entertainment industry to her global academic studies and role as a mother. This article provides a detailed guide to comprehending Juliana Evans’ life and achievements.

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