Kia Silverbrook

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Nationality: Australian

Born: 1958

Age: 62 years

Born Place: Australia

Inventions: Memjet

Residence: Sydney, Australia

Gender: Male

Occupation: Inventor, scientist, businessman


Kia Silverbrook (born 1958) is an Australian inventor, scientist, and serial entrepreneur. He is one of the most prolific inventors in the world, and has been granted 4,744 US utility patents as of 19 December 2017. Internationally, he has 9,874 patents or patent applications registered at the international patent document database (INPADOC). Silverbrook has founded companies and developed products in a wide range of disciplines, including computer graphics, video and audio production, scientific computing, factory automation, digital printing, liquid crystal displays (LCDs), molecular electronics, internet software, content management, genetic analysis, MEMS devices, security inks, photovoltaic solar cells, and interactive paper.


Silverbrook was born in 1958 in Australia. In 1977 he started at Fairlight Instruments, the developers of the first polyphonic digital sampling synthesizer, the Fairlight CMI. While at Fairlight, he invented and developed the Fairlight CVI, a real-time video effects computer released in 1984. He remained employed by Fairlight Instruments until 1985.

In 1985, Silverbrook founded Integrated Arts, a parallel processing and computer graphics company using the Inmos transputer. Silverbrook was Managing Director (Australian equivalent of US CEO) of Integrated Arts until 1990.

In 1990 an Australian research subsidiary of the Japanese electronics company Canon was formed, named Canon Information Systems Research Australia (CiSRA). Silverbrook was Executive Director of CiSRA from its inception until 1994.

Silverbrook Research

In 1994 Silverbrook co-founded Silverbrook Research, an Australian research and development and invention licensing company. He is chairman and CEO of Silverbrook Research, which is the developer of the Memjet printer technology, the Hyperlabel alternative to RFID, and the Netpage viewer and digital pen technologies, among others. Since 2001, Silverbrook Research has appeared in the annual listings of the top 200 global companies, as ranked by US patents, climbing as high as the 28th rank in 2008.

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