Leading singer Aima Baig narrowly escaped a dangerous accident.

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Lahore: Ima Beg, who made a name for herself in the world of singing in a very short time due to her sarcastic voice, narrowly escaped a dangerous accident during a concert.

A video of Aima Beg’s concert went viral on social networking sites, showing how she managed to save herself from a horrific accident.

The video, which went viral, shows the singer singing in a crowded hall during a concert when a blaze erupted in front of her on stage.

As soon as the flames ignited, Aima Baig immediately turned her face away and thus escaped a dangerous accident. The singers were frightened by the flames and stopped singing and retreated.

The people of the concert management of this horrible accident also came on the stage while people kept expressing their concern over this video which went viral on social media and kept advising the singer to be more careful.

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