Maura Hussain shared her 100 year old photo.

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Maura Hussain, who entered showbiz at a very young age, shared a few photos from the early days of her career for the fans.

Maura is one of the most popular personalities on social media whose Instagram followers are a living proof of this. Be it with the promotion of your clothing brand or hang out with fellow actor Amir Gilani and others.

Maura Hussain, who has played the lead role in many popular dramas, has also acted in the Bollywood film ‘Sanam Teri Qas’ in 2016 in which she was opposite Harsh Vardhan Rane.

After successful dramas, Maura entered the film industry with ‘Jwani Phar Nahin Aani 2’, but the first thing that made her one of the important faces in television is Maura’s work as a VJ.

The actress wrote that “a hundred years ago”. Maura thanked for her achievements and estimated that she was 15 years old here.

Maura and her sister Urva Hussain are one of the popular showbiz couples like Sajjal and Saboor, Manal and Ayman.

The actress has an on-air drama ‘Qissa Mehrabanoka’ in which she is opposite Zaviar Noman, son of actor Ahsan Khan and Noman Ijaz.


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