Mawra Hocane broke the silence on her marriage to Amir Gilani

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Mawra Hocane, who was invited to the show called The Big Pick, has vaguely confirmed the rumors of her marriage to her on-screen co-star Amir Gilani.

Many fans want Mawra Hocane and Amir Gilani to get married as they both look good on screen as a couple.

When the host asked Mawra Hocane about it, she replied shyly that the rich are very good. When Anchor did more on this subject, he said that it is a good thing for the fans that they love me and Amir very much. We are very good friends and if fans like to see us together they will definitely enjoy our upcoming drama.

“I take these comments in the category of compliments. Amir is a great man and we are both very close friends and if two friends want to get married then get married too,”

said Mawra Hocane.


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