Pak-Iran Heavy Bikers Friendship Rally reached Quetta.

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QUETTA: Heavy Bikers’ Pak-Iran Peace Friendship Rally reached Quetta after completing its journey to establish strong ties between Pakistan and Iran and present a better image of the two countries to the world.

The bikers of the rally started their journey from Lahore on December 2.

The aim of the rally was to promote friendship between Pakistan and Iran, promotion of tourism and bring a positive image of brotherly Islamic countries to the world.

When the rally reached Quetta again after completing its journey from Zahedan, Tehran, Isfahan and other cities in Iran, they were given a warm welcome.

Heavy bikers of Balochistan said that Balochistan is a peaceful province where there are numerous opportunities for tourism.

Efforts such as the Pak-Iran Peace Rally will help promote friendly relations and tourism between the two Islamic countries. After a one-day stay in Quetta, the Rally Lahore left for its destination.


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