People avoid the day when Imran Khan will return to power: Shahrooz Sabzwari

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Lahore: Actor Shahrooz Sabzwari has said that former Prime Minister Imran Khan is a true man and he will make Pakistan the state of Madinah insha-Allah, save people from the day when he will come back to power.

It may be recalled that after his removal from the PM’s post, several statements have come out from the artist community in support of PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Has been criticized.

An interview clip with Shahrukh Sabzwari’s wife Sadaf Kanwal is going viral on social media in which he can be seen making statements in support of former Imran Khan.

He said that if my father has put halal food in my stomach then it is not possible for me not to follow Imran Khan, it is a simple matter in which there are no two opinions.

The actor further said that Imran Khan is a true man and as he says that insha’Allah he will make Pakistan the state of Madina, no one can follow Imran Khan, if you have the slightest bit of pride. If so, it cannot be that no one follows Imran Khan.

Shahrooz Sabzwari further said that since the PTI chairman came into politics for the first time, he has learned politics now. People should avoid the day when Imran Khan will return to power. Imran Khan has become more dangerous for the opposition because he has now learned politics.


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