Photo shoot of famous model with ‘Father’s body’.

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Photos of different brands are taken by models and actors which are also appreciated by the fans but a model can also take photos of her father’s body. This has never happened.

But on Instagram, the model came under fire for sharing a photo of herself standing with her father’s coffin at her father’s last rites on social media.

Jane Rivera, 20, of Florida, USA, deleted her Instagram account after the reaction, but screenshots of her photos are circulating on various social media platforms.

In the photos, he is standing by the coffin, dressed in a bold black dress, which was further enhanced by the American flag. He posed with his hands folded in a frame.

The model has been widely criticized by social media users, with one user writing that her father had died and that she had a photo shoot with the coffin.

“People seem to have lost all decency,” wrote one user, criticizing the model.

Many users criticized her for smiling and posing for a picture with her father’s coffin, and wrote that she would wear it to someone’s funeral.

Models, on the other hand, instead of being ashamed of their actions, defended themselves, saying that the pictures were taken with the best of intentions and would have approved it if my father had been alive.

The creator of the photo shoot said that everyone handles the loss of their loved ones in their own way, some are more traditional while others may appear as taboo.

“For me, it was like my father was very close to me,”

she said.


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