Pop star singer Justin Bieber has contracted the corona virus

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OTTAWA: Internationally acclaimed Canadian singer Justin Bieber has fallen victim to Code 19.

According to foreign media reports, pop star Justin Bieber’s corona virus test report came positive, due to which he had to postpone his concert.

According to the report, Justin Bieber’s concert was scheduled in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, which was postponed for a few months due to the singer’s diagnosis of corona virus.
It is also claimed that Corona has been confirmed by other members of the star singer’s team but no confirmed details have come to light in this regard.

The new date for Justin Bieber’s concert is set for June 28 this year. Refunds are available for fans who wish to return concert tickets.

The Canadian singer lamented the corona test and the cancellation of the concert, saying that protecting the health of the fans was a top priority and that they would come out of the current situation.

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