Popular YouTubers Shaam Idris and Froggy have separated.

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Pakistani-born Canadian social media influencer and YouTuber Sham Idris has announced his separation from his wife Sahar known as Froggy.

Famous YouTuber Sham Idris shared the news of his separation from his wife Sahar after 4 years of marriage while posting an Insta story on the photo and video sharing platform Instagram.

The YouTuber has remained silent on private matters, saying, “Please don’t involve any of my family, including Froggy and his sister Rabel, in this issue.” He has requested fans.

“Please take care of our privacy during this difficult time”.

It should be noted that famous YouTubers Sham Idris and Froggy got married in November 2018.

Shaam and Froggy have 2 daughters. Froggie has not been making vlogs for a long time, while Shaam also shared a vlog a month ago on the occasion of her and Froggie’s fourth wedding anniversary.

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