Ram Charan, who plays “RRR,” is getting ready to make his Hollywood debut.

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Ram Charan, the well-known actor in the South Indian film industry, who is currently receiving praise from all over the world for his excellent acting after the success of the film “RRR”, is now going to step into Hollywood very soon.

Ramcharan recently appeared as a guest on Sam Fragasso’s podcast, where he disclosed that he is “in talks with some top filmmakers to make his Hollywood debut,” according to International News.

“Distances are decreasing, and I believe that in the future, cinema will also be referred to as “global cinema,” rather than just Hollywood or Bollywood.

It should be noted that Ram Charan has achieved great recognition as a result of how well the Indian movie “RRR” did internationally.

In the category of “Best Original Song,” the song “Natu Natu” has received a nomination.

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