Ramiz Raja spoke on the issue of Shaheen Afridi.

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Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board Ramiz Raja made an important statement on the issue of Shaheen Afridi’s treatment at his own expense.

Rameez Raja has made it clear that how can anyone think that we have left Shaheen Afridi alone. This unnecessary debate has been sparked that PCB does not care about the players.

Rameez Raja said that some things may have been left out in haste as PCB guides domestic cricketers as well as international ones.

He said that

We don’t leave the hands of 10-year-old children, Shaheen Afridi is a match winner and our hero, how can we leave him alone?

On the rehab issue of Shaheen Afridi, the former captain of the national cricket team, Wasim Akram, says that if Shaheen is undergoing treatment in London at his own expense, then it is surprising.

Shaheen is the most important bowler of the Pakistan cricket team.

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