Romanian singer Adrian announces holiday in Hunza Pakistan.

Romanian music band Accent singer Adrian Cena has announced that he will spend his holidays in Pakistan’s beautiful Hunza Valley….


Bucharest: Romanian music band Accent singer Adrian Cena has declared that he can pay his holidays in Pakistan’s stunning Hunza natural depression.

Singer Adrian Cena, popularly called Accent, has given many concerts in numerous cities of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He typically tries to show the positive face of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the globe on social media.

Sharing her video on Twitter, Adrian Cena wrote that I actually have determined to spend my holidays within the Hunza natural valley of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, so I will tell the globe however safe and exquisite Pakistan is.

Adrian Cena aforementioned within the video that he would be happy to meet the individuals of Islamic Republic of Pakistan once more. I feel safe in Pakistan and therefore the love of the individuals here on behalf of me is incomparable.

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