Ronaldo’s children were tortured by fellow students at a school in Saudi Arabia

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ronaldo with his family

World-famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is living in Saudi Arabia with his family after signing a contract with Saudi football club Al-Nasr, from where news has come about his children being abused by fellow students in their early days of school.

According to the news website ‘ProPakistani’, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez revealed this treatment of his children in a recent interview.

In an interview with a Spanish TV channel, Georgina Rodriguez said that our family has faced difficulties after coming to a new and unfamiliar environment. Our children also face a lot of difficulties in school. Many times they were bullied by other school students and could not even defend themselves.

Georgina said that one day one of her children came home who had been beaten that day. He started crying as soon as he came. He told him while crying that he was beaten by a student, to which I said to him,

“Don’t you know how to defend yourself?”


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