Salman Khan: Why was he nervous about doing a film with Sridevi?

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Mumbai: Bollywood Dabangg actor Salman Khan was nervous about working with the Indian actress late Sridevi in films and the reason has been revealed.

Sridevi’s acting abilities have received a lot of praise from Salman Khan, who also dubbed the actress the first female superstar in a Hindi film.

In spite of all the accolades for Sridevi, actor Salman Khan once expressed great trepidation about working with Sridevi.
Together, actor Salman Khan and actress Sridevi produced the financially successful movies Chandra Mukhi and Chand Ka Tuka.

Salman Khan reportedly stated in an interview that he was afraid of working with Sridevi and that he was concerned that his role would be diminished because of the actress, which is why he did not work with Sridevi in the subsequent films.

With Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi, Salman Khan’s upcoming movie “Tiger 3” will also feature the release of “Kisi Ka Bhai Aur Kisi Ki Jaan.”.


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