Shah Rukh Khan breaks his silence about his first love.

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Shahrukh Khan

Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood’s reigning superstar, today spoke for the first time about his first love.

Shah Rukh Khan held an #AskSRK session on the micro-blogging site Twitter where he answered various questions from fans.

Akash Majumdar asked Shahrukh Khan to reveal who his first girlfriend was.

To this, the actor gave a brief reply and wrote: ‘My wife, Gori.’

shahrukh khan first love

After Shah Rukh Khan’s reply, Other fans posted old pictures of him with Gauri Khan in the comments and expressed their love.

One wrote: ‘I must admire you for being so loyal to your wife, you two have not had any conflict in this long journey. Gauri Khan is a very lucky wife.


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