Shah Rukh Khan’s Rejected Film made Kapil Sharma’s Film Career.

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Shah Rukh Khan’s rejected film made Kapil Sharma’s film career.



Mumbai: Bollywood romance king Shah Rukh Khan’s rejected film “Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon” has made Kapil Sharma’s acting career. Indian comedian Vadakar Kapil Sharma’s debut film “Kis Kis Pyaar Karoon”.



His most successful film proved to be but very few people know that this film came in the role of Shah Rukh Khan before Kapil. But he refused to work with the famous Bollywood director David Dhawan which After the rights of the film director Abbas Mastan had bought and cast Kapil Sharma.


Director David Dhawan, who has given several blogbuster films to Bollywood, has offered films to Shah Rukh Khan before, but Bollywood’s Romance King rejected his films twice, including the successful films of famous actors Govinda and Anil Kapoor.



Includes “Deewana Mastana” in which the role of Govinda was offered to Shah Rukh Khan but he refused.


According to reports, David Dhawan offered Shah Rukh Khan for the second time “Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon” which was a comedy and romance film but he once again refused, after which the film was directed by Kapil Sharma. 



Initially, the hero had to have a romance with 7 actresses in the film, but later 4 actresses were cast in the film. Sources say that Shah Rukh Khan does not like the way David Dhawan works, which is why he Don’t want to work with them.


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