Shahrooz Kashif’s World Record became the Youngest Climber to Climb K2.

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LAHORE: Another honor for Lahore-based young climber Shahrooz Kashif, Shahrooz Kashif also climbed K2, the second highest peak after Mount Everest. Salman Kashif, father of Shahrooz Kashif, confirmed to head to K2.


Shahrooz Kashif climbed the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, a few months ago.


Shahrooz’s father Salman Kashif says that Shahrooz hit a K2 head at 8:10 this morning and set a world record.


Mountaineer Shahrooz Kashif’s father said that Shahrooz had climbed the world’s highest peak Mount Everest two months ago and today he has become the youngest climber in Pakistan to climb Shahrooz. Shahrooz has set a unique record by climbing two different and highest peaks in the world in one year.


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