Shazia Sikandar: A statue made by a Pakistani artist was installed outside the US court.

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New York: A sculpture of ‘Lady Justice’ by Pakistani-American artist Shazia Sikandar has been installed outside the US court.

The statue is the first female representation of a ‘justice’ and is placed outside the New York Appellate Courthouse in Manhattan.

Talking to the American media, Shazia Sikander said:

This statue was very much needed on a cultural level because the traditional way of presenting power is changing all over the world.

Shazia Sikandar’s statute is also significant in the context of the ongoing debate on women’s reproductive rights in the US as the US Supreme Court struck down the constitutional right to abortion.

The artist wrote in her statement that the concept of women as justice has been presented for centuries, but she got a voice to speak for herself in the last century.


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