The FIFA president received a vote of confidence for the third time

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Gianni Infantino, the president of the world football organization (FIFA), received a vote of confidence for the third time.

According to the report of the foreign news agency, Infantino was elected president until 2027 after receiving a unanimous vote of confidence.

Gianni, 52, from Switzerland, succeeded Sepp Blatter as president in 2016, his third four-year term.
According to FIFA rules, a president can serve three terms, but Infantino is paving the way to run until December 2031, arguing that his first three-year term was not completed, so it should not count.

Gianni Infantino defended the hosting of the World Cup scheduled in Qatar last year, later his decision was recognized by the world and FIFA received record income from the world football festival played in Doha.

The newly elected president has also assured an income of 11 billion dollars in the next 4 years, while this income was 7.5 billion dollars in the last four years.


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