The First Pakistani Actor to Receive a 10-year Golden Visa from the United Arab Emirates.

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The first Pakistani actor to receive a 10-year Golden Visa from the United Arab Emirates


Lahore: Fakhr Alam has been granted a 10-year golden visa to the United Arab Emirates, the first Pakistani artist to be issued a golden visa by the UAE authorities.


According to the report, actor-singer Fakhr Alam has been living in the United Arab Emirates for 17 years. He was also appointed Cultural Ambassador of the UAE.


Fakhr Alam said on receiving the golden visa that he was very happy and very grateful to the UAE authorities.


“It has given me more motivation and I’m excited to do better in the future,”

He said.

“I am 90 minutes away from Karachi. I work in both Pakistan and UAE. I come back to Pakistan after working,”

He added.


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