The “Harry Potter” film series, a Hollywood classic, is being prepared for an Indian release.

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Mumbai: Famous Bollywood filmmaker Shekhar Kapur has revealed that he is planning to make an Indian film sequel on the lines of the Hollywood classic series Harry Potter.

In a recent interview, Shekhar Kapur said that Indian film fans are used to supernatural and supernatural things and his project will be completely different from western films.

He said that

he is making a project like ‘Harry Potter’ but he is not making ‘Harry Potter’, his project will be according to the culture and culture of the Indian audience.
The filmmaker said that people in India have grown up listening to such stories and I think we have a big market for a project like ‘Harry Potter’.

Talking about his previous film Paani, Shekhar Kapur said that he wanted to make it an Indian production.

The filmmaker recently directed Jemima Khan’s What’s Love Got To Do With It starring British, Indian, and Pakistani artists.


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