The movie “Nomad Land” wins Oscar Award.

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“Nomad Land” wins Oscar, McDormand, and Anthony Hopkins Best Actor


Los Angeles: The movie “Nomad Land” won the Oscars, won six awards, including Best Picture, Frances McDormand won Best Actress, Sir Anthony Hopkins won Best Actor, and Chinese-born “Chloe Xiao” won Best Director.


The Oscars were won by the film Nomad Land. The film Nomad Land won a total of six awards, including Best Director. Chinese-born Chloe Xiao won the Best Director award. He was also awarded Best Director in the film Nomadland. She is the second woman to win this award.


Frances McDormand won Best Actress, and she won the Best Actress award in the film No Made Land. Sir Anthony Hopkins won the Best Actor award for his performance in The Father. Soullands won the award for Best Animated Film.


Pakistani-born British actor Raz Ahmed’s film “Sound of Metal” also won two awards. Due to Corona, the Oscars were celebrated in a unique way. The Los Angeles Railway Station was decorated for the Academy Awards. Corona SOPs were fully implemented.


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