The name of the person who disturbed Atif Aslam came to light.

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Lahore: Singer Atif Aslam, who has awakened the magic of his voice all over the world including Pakistan, has won the hearts of fans by giving a loving message on his son’s birthday.

A post was shared by singer Atif Aslam on social networking site Instagram in which he mentioned the name of the person who harassed him.

In this post, the singer congratulated his son on his birthday and wished him well, making interesting and new revelations and saying that he should not go on forgetting, because it is very naughty. He said that his son used to make him dance twice every day and did a lot of mischief.

It may be recalled that singer Atif Aslam was married in the year 2013, a year after which their first child was born in 2014 which was named Uhud.


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