The release of a dangerous film exposing the genocide of Palestinians.

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Lahore: The streaming service Netflix has released the film ‘Farha’ based on the genocide and eviction of the Palestinian people.

According to foreign media reports, the film is based on real events and is being highly praised in film circles. 78% of the Palestinian land was occupied by invasion or killing.

The story of the film ‘Farha’ revolves around a 14-year-old Palestinian girl who takes refuge in the basement of her house and watches atrocities on Palestinians.

The streaming service Netflix faced intense pressure and resistance from the Israeli government not to release this film based on true events, but despite the pressure, Netflix released the film to the public.

It is being well appreciated by the film fans, while this film by Darin Salam has also been selected for the best international feature film in the Oscars by Jordan.


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