Urvashi revealed the real reason behind sharing Naseem Shah’s video on INSTA.

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Mumbai: Well-known Bollywood actress Urvashi Rotila has revealed the real reason behind sharing the video of Pakistani bowler Naseem Shah on her Instagram account.

Urvashi Rotila was asked a question by a journalist during an event: ‘A few days ago you shared a video of Naseem Shah on Instagram story, which later went viral. What will you say on this?’

In response, Urvashi said: ‘Fans send videos edited with a lot of effort and love. It is important to reward their hard work. I thank the fans for sending the videos.

He added: “My Instagram team shared a lot of edited videos from the account, they didn’t know about the people in the videos.”

He said that the issue of sharing Naseem Shah’s video has taken a wrong turn in the media.

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