US Open: Canadian Leila Fernandez Reaches Semifinals.

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New York: Canada’s Leila Fernandez has reached the semifinals of the US Open. She defeated Elena Svetolina in this important battle. She will face Arena Sibelnica in the semifinals.

Fernandez, a 19-year-old Canadian, used all her energy to win this important match, beating her opponent Elena Svetolina by six threes, three sixes and seven sixes (seven fives).

Remember that Leila Fernandez has won the attention of the whole world with her successes in tennis. Earlier, the young athlete reached the semifinals of the US Open by defeating Naomi Osaka, Angelique Kerber and now Olympic bronze medalist Svetolina.

“It’s impossible to put into words my feelings of success,”

Leila Fernandez told the media after the victory. I was under pressure throughout the match but eventually won.

“I am just happy to have a respectable player like my opponent Elena Svetolina,”

She said. The best tennis player in front of me gave me the opportunity to perform.

Leila Fernandez is the youngest tennis player in the world to reach the semi-finals of the US Open. Earlier, in 2005, Maria Sharapova made the date a day after her 19th birthday.


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