Why are Jacqueline Fernandez’s Parents Worried About Her?

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Indian actress Jacqueline Fernandez has said that

Her family wants her to relocate to Bahrain due to security concerns in India.


According to the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times, the Bollywood actress has said that due to the severity of the corona virus in India, her family is worried about her safety and wants her to move to Bahrain.


In an interview, Jacqueline Fernandez expressed her parents’ desire to have the actress live with them in Bahrain. The actress said that her parents are from Sri Lanka and they live in Bahrain.


Jacqueline Fernandez said that her parents are scared to see the news about Karuna’s situation in India. My uncles and cousins ​​in Sri Lanka are also asking me to come and stay there. Despite the invitation, she intends to stay in India and she wants to continue her work while living here.


During the first wave of Karuna last year, Jacqueline Fernandez was staying at the Panvel Farmhouse with Bollywood actor Salman Khan and his family.


She also recorded a music video with Salman Khan at the farmhouse and from a nearby village. They also distributed necessities to the residents.

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